The New Orleans Trip

My husband and I went to New Orleans last month for my birthday and oh how magical it was. We stayed in the French Quarter and had two full days of exploring. Most of that time went to just wandering around, taking pictures, drinking cocktails, and eating fried food.

The moments pictured below... First of all, the architecture! It's incredible and encompassing and magical. We saw a man wearing pastel green pants in front of the Sucre bakery. We watched (and heard) a man ride a bicycle pulling a cart with a full drum kit in it (the roads are pretty uneven so it was quite the symphony of cymbals). We went to a diner and our server sang Sam Cooke's A Change is Gonna Come (one of my all time favorite songs) while he worked. We watched a paddle boat go down the Mississippi river. And all of the streets and houses have actual gas lanterns that are lit all day and add quite the ambiance.

Then, we ventured out to the Garden District and toured the Lafayette Cemetery which was so fascinating. Morbid side-note: when I die, I hope my tomb has a tree growing out of it!